Examining the Relationship Between Personnel Training and Development and Employee Performance In Federal Inland Revenue Service, a Study of Kaduna Coordination Office


    This study examined the relationship between personnel training and development and employee performance in Federal Inland Revenue Service Kaduna Coordination office. The study identified and analyzed the problem of the study such as increased in competition and services resulting from changes in technology, economic activities, globalization etc. The objective of the study was basically to ascertain the relationship between personnel training and development and workers’ performance. The study formulated a research question and hypothesis in line with the objective of the study. Related concepts of the study were explored and reviewed; Kirkpatrick’s learning and evaluation theory was used as theoretical framework. This study adopted quantitative research design. Data were collected from 241 valid questionnaires using simple random techniques. Hypotheses were tested by the use of simple linear regressions at 0.05 (5%) level of significance. However, version 23.0 statistical packages for social sciences (SPSS) program were used for processing and analyzing of data. The study findings also revealed that personnel training and development has a significant relationship on employee performance in FIRS. This proved that we should reject the null hypotheses of this study which stated that personnel training and development has insignificant relationship on employee performance. Furthermore, the study concludes personnel training and development enhances performance and recommended that there should be improvement in training especially on ICT and new management system.

    Keywords: Personnel Training, Development and Employee Performance

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    author/Ahmed Hassan, Prof. Hamza A. Yusuf & Dr. Idris Ahmed Jamo

    journal/FUJPAM Vol. 3, No. 1