The Intricacies of Labour Management Practices in Nigeria: An Inquiry into the Relationships Between Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) and University Trade Unions (ASUU)


    Nigerian labour management practices involve the interactions between employers and employees within the work environment. These practices are shaped by various factors, including cultural influences, legal frameworks, economic conditions, and organizational structures. For more than three decades,1990 to date, ASUU-federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) have been engaged in prolonged industrial conflict over several issues of importance to the union especially, poor wages and conditions of services, under funding, infrastructural deficit, lack of autonomy and academic freedom. This study is set to discuss the Nigerian labour management practices focusing on the intricacies of implementing labour agreements in Nigeria with reference to ASUU in federal and state universities in Nigeria. The methodology involves a mixed-methods approach, encompassing a comprehensive review of existing literature, and employee relation theory was adopted for the theoretical underpinning of the study. The study revealed that poor funding of the university education; non-compliance to reached agreements after negotiations; refusal of union recognition in major decision making that concerns their welfare, poor conditions of service such as unconducive working environment, inadequate pay packages, poor welfare services, among others; poor and inconsistent payment of salaries and other emoluments such as delay in payment of salaries without a justifiable reason for such delay; failure to collective bargaining; political interference; as well as unpopular, No work No pay rule and harsh public policies exist in the labour relation between Federal government and ASUU. Therefore, labour crises in Nigeria higher education system need to be urgently addressed and checkmated, hence, the study recommended that collective bargaining has to be embedded within the concept of dialogue and all types of negotiation, consultation between, or among, representatives of government.

    Keywords: Labour laws, Labour management, work environment, wage structure, condition service 

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    author/Umar Adamu, Usman Bappi & Abdulkadir Ibrahim

    journal/FUJPAM Vol. 3, No. 1