Stress Management and Employees Performance in Intercountry Centre for Oral Health for Africa (Icoh), Jos, Nigeria


    This study investigates the impact of contextual stress factors on employee performance in the Inter-country Centre for Oral Health (ICOH) for Africa, Jos, a parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The organization, established in 1988 in collaboration with the World Health Organization, focuses on research, training, and demonstration activities in oral health for 46 African member countries. The study population comprises 91 staff members, and data were collected using a structured questionnaire with a 5-point Likert scale. The analysis includes Pearson correlation and regression analysis to examine the relationship between time pressure, poor working conditions, long working hours, job instability, and employee performance. The findings reveal significant correlations between contextual stress factors and employee performance. Specifically, time pressure, poor working conditions, and job instability negatively impact employee performance, while long working hours have a mixed effect. Regression analysis further confirms these relationships, highlighting the importance of addressing contextual stress factors to improve employee performance in ICOH for Africa. The study recommends implementing stress management programs, improving working conditions, addressing long working hours, promoting job stability, fostering a supportive organizational culture, and monitoring interventions to enhance employee well-being and organizational performance.

    Keywords: Stress, Stress Management, Employee Performance, Contextual factors

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    author/Idris, I., Abdulkarim, S.B., Idris, M. & Odoh, A.

    journal/FUJPAM Vol. 3, No. 1