Corruption in the Civil Service and its Implications for Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria


    Corruption in any society not only inhibits any form of development but also accentuates poverty, systematically contributes to a failed state and prevents the people from enjoying their constitutional rights as citizens of a nation. Unfortunately, this is a major malaise which has held the socio-economic state of the nation in the jugular and ultimately retarded entrepreneurial development in Nigeria. Thus, owing to the destructive capacity of corruption particularly for entrepreneurship development in Nigeria, the objective of this paper is to examine how corruption cripple’s entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Qualitative technique was adopted and the findings from this paper reveals that corruption has created a volatile, unstable, unconducive and crisis ridden environment where the development of entrepreneurship remains a fleeting illusion. It therefore concludes and recommends that the government regulatory system in collaboration with the ministry of commerce should be strengthened and empowered constitutionally and financially in order to be efficient and effective in providing an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to develop in ways that contribute to the journey for sustainable development.

    Keywords: Civil Service, Corruption, Entrepreneurial Development, Failed State, Poverty, Sustainable Development

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    author/Ibukunoluwa Bose Olojede & Erinle John

    journal/FUJPAM Vol. 3, No. 1